FileBound Australia is a privately held, 100% Australian owned company.
We have a Vision which sees the ubiquitous use of technology to make organisations more efficient whilst delivering a negligible toll on the environment.  Our Values are innovation, commitment to excellence, affordability and partnership. FileBound Australia’s Mission is to deliver solutions consistent with our Vision and Values.

We currently achieve this Mission through the sale and support of the FileBound Enterprise Content Management solution as well as a range of supporting technologies. This solution is designed and developed by Upland Software, a dynamic privately held US corporation with business interests in the content management industry and internet application development. It is marketed and sold in the Asia Pacific region by FileBound Australia through a network of authorised Value Added Resellers.

The FileBound Australia Leadership Team is experienced in the document and content management industry bringing over 80 years of combined experience to the solutions we deliver. We continually strive to be known as a company with a forward looking strategy that leverages technology innovations to execute on our strategies.

… Continually Innovating …
… Committed to the Pursuit of Excellence …
… Driving Availability through Affordable Solutions …
… Achieving Success through Partnerships …

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our products and services.

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